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Our Story

If you told me in the 80’s, when I was studying and working to become a chartered accountant, that I would own a paint your own pottery business someday, I would have had two reactions – First of all, “what is that kind of business?” and secondly, “I really don’t think so”.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration for The Clay Emporium is thanks to our daughter Grace. She loves pottery!! In 2003, we were in Halifax and she was only 2. My wife and I were looking for something different to do with her and stumbled upon a local paint your own pottery (PYOP) shop. We really loved the experience and we still have the “work of art” Grace made that day! Our experience with PYOP continued during the following years during family visits to London UK, we enjoyed visiting a place in our cousin’s neighborhood. All the time we “jokingly” said, “wouldn’t it be great to have a place like this of our own”. Suffice it to say, The Clay Emporium was a dream that has been 10 years in the making.

I hope our shop brings your family as much pleasure as it does ours. In this hectic world of managing schedules, work and life, I sincerely believe we all need a place where we can relax, unplug and unleash our creativity. The Clay Emporium was always intended to be a place where you can enjoy time with your friends, family or just some quiet time for yourself. Come and enjoy the experience.

Our Staff

Our staff is a dedicated group of young individuals. All of our team have artistic backgrounds, with the majority having clay/pottery experience. ‎All are well trained in the details of pottery painting (glazing). We train our staff in all aspects of the job and “shadow” existing employees, during a 3 month training period which includes exposure to the various activities at The Clay Emporium including Birthday Parties, Workshops, Camps and Customer Relations via attendance at Fun Fairs, Arts Festivals etc.