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Our camps provide children between the ages of 6-13 fun ways to be engaged in numerous crafts that include ceramics, painting, paper projects, watercolours, and many more. Your children will enjoy themselves while learning fun and interesting facts about the subject at hand.

Registration for 2018 Summer Camps

  • Cost is $335/child and includes lunch and snacks.
  • Various discounts are available including:
  • $50 discount if registration is done by Feb. 28
  • $25 discount for registration between March 1st and April 30th
  • sibling/friend discount of $25 each for registrations of 2 or more
  • $25 for returning campers or second week
  • Maximum total discount per registration is $75.
Summer Camps 2018 – Full Flyer (PDF)

Summer Camp 2018

Guiding Principles

A TCE summer camp is not only fun, but educational * All camps embody guiding principles such as co-operation and respect, planning and “camp logistics” (aka cleaning as you go).  Perfect for kids ages 5-13.

Please Note: All of our camps run for a full week as our projects run over several days, as well it give the campers an opportunity to create bonds and form friendships with each other. There will be no half day or single camp days available.

* Your children don’t have to know about the educational part!

Exercise & Fresh Air

Weather permitting, each day includes a trip to park for exercise.

Fridays at TCE are Fun Fridays, in the morning we finish any outstanding projects from the week. Lunch is pizza supplied by TCE. After lunch we engage in fun activities such as, water gun fights and a movie. Children are encouraged to bring their electronics and can play with them or their friends after the movie.

Now Playing!

Children who are involved with early drop off or late pick up will have the opportunity to watch movies related to the weekly theme, paint or participate in other arts and crafts before or after camp.

Co-operation and Respect

Mondays begin with a participatory session where campers develop the camp rules for the week. This helps to ensure buy-in and adherence.


All crafts are planned to ensure the best possible result. This can vary from doing a quick sketch to modelling major projects in plasticine before committing them to clay.


Cleaning as we go ensures the mess doesn’t build up and that your camper can promptly get out the door at the end of the day. (We can always hope that they will bring this skill home if they don’t have it already.)

We encourage campers to learn and work together so they can further their art skills. The use of appropriate video and technology will be employed to explain concepts and themes and give campers a variety of sources to learn from in addition to our excellent staff. Children will come away knowing new art techniques as well as new life skills, and asking you if they can come back!


Lunch is included in the camp price. Daily snacks include fruits (grapes/strawberries) and veggies (carrots/cucumbers). Meals include pizza on Monday and Friday, hot dogs on Tuesday, pasta with meatballs on Wednesday, meat ball sandwich with cheese and tomato sauce on Thursday. 

Registration is Quick & Easy


Summer Camp

Thanks to all our campers for a wonderful summer. Many masterpieces were created and friendships shared.